BA-350 Turntable Automatic Blister Card Packing Machine

With rotary sealing and filling station, a flexible and cost-efficient machine can form blisters, fill (optional), seal blisters to ready-made cards automatically. It is the best choice for packaging of small to medium batches. Face seal blisters and trapped blister packages can be made on this machine.
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BA-350 turntable automatic blister card packing machine with rotary sealing and filling station is a flexible and cost-efficient machine can form blisters, fill (optional), seal blisters to ready-made cards automatically. It is the best choice for packaging of small to medium batches. The machine can make blister types of face seal blisters and trapped blister packages.

The perfect combination of complete product visibility on one side and printed information on the other side of the packaging helps consumers and users find what they are looking for quickly and easily.





- Cosmetics and beauty products: mascara, lipstick, lip balm, nail polish, make-up, …

- Household items: knife, flashlight, lighter, super glue, air freshener, bottle opener, scissors, toy, light bulb, candles, …

- Office supplies: pen, sharpener, correction tape and fluid, USB flash drive, stapler, adhesive tape, printer cartridge, ballpoint pen, eraser, binder clips, …

- Personal care products: razor, razor blade, cream, toothbrush, manicure sets, …

- Batteries: button cell battery, AAA type battery, AA type battery, C type battery, …

- Automobile parts: brake shoe, brake pad, spark plug, windshield wiper, …




- Flexible and cost efficient packaging of small to medium batches.

- Driven by servo motors to ensure the machine runs accurately.

- Reliable electrical equipment like Omron PLC, Omron touch screen, Omron frequency converter, Panasonic servo drive ensure the stability.

- An alarm sounds when the forming material or cards run out.

- Stainless steel machine shell.

- Convenient to transport the whole machine due to detachable machine design.



Technical Data



Max. size of card

350 x 220mm

Max. forming area

330 x 180mm

Max. forming depth


Packing capacity

12-20 cycles/min

Power voltage

380V 50/60Hz 3phase

Power consumption

11 kW

Air pressure


Air consumption

≥0.5 CBM/min

Forming material

PVC, PET, PS, thickness 0.15-0.5mm

Forming material roll size

width 350mm x diameter 450mm

Machine shell material

Stainless steel

Overall dimensions

L3380 x W1555 x H2050mm

Overall Weight


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